EZ-Lite 8.01 truck camper

a compact 8' camper with toilet room

The EZ Lite 8.01 is an ideal camper for the young couple or small family. We've included a fully enclosed toilet room for privacy. This is truly unique in an 8' camper, and there is still storage space equal to much larger campers, plus room for all the latest equipment and appliances that are popular today.

The spacious "L" shaped dinette forms a double bed at night, and there's a full 54" wide cabover bed forward. Headroom inside the unit is up to 6'4".

You can mount the EZ Lite 8.01 on the standard 8' bed pickup truck without any overhang at the rear. The compact size makes for easy maneurverability when on the road, and cuts down on fuel consumption. Available in long and shortbed models.

Custom changes available at your request.

Camper floor length 8'1"
Camper overall length 13'8"
Camper overall height 6'9"
Camper overall width 7'0"
Living area headroom 6'1" to 6'4"
Cabover headroom 27" to 29"
Fresh water capacity (standard) 20 gals
LPG capacity (standard) 5 gals
Dry weight (estimated) 1475 lbs
Sleeping capacity 4-5 adults
Truck capacity (recommended) 1/2 ton